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Bauer Fondo bruno 70g

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Ideal as a sauce alongside sliced meat (roast, pot roast, etc.) and as a base for the preparation of sauces to accompany several dishes (game, red and white meats, noodles, vegetables, etc.). It can also be added during cooking to prepare stews and boiled meats.

For sauces: dissolve 70g of Brown Sauce Mix (4 tablespoons) in 1 litre of cold water and boil, stirring constantly over medium heat for about 5min, until you have reached the desired consistency.

For stews and boiled meats: add a tablespoon of Brown Sauce Mix towards the end of cooking, after having dissolved it in water or Bauer broth, in sufficient quantity to obtain the right thickness.

The dose will prepare enough sauce to season 12-16 servings of meat.

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Rice flour, corn starch, sea salt, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (Palm), yeast extract, extract of soy and corn hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, cream powder, dehydrated vegetables in variable percentage (tomato, garlic, onion, celery, parsley, carrot), dye: caramel, paprika, rosemary, tomato paste, corn oil, pepper, cumin, nutmeg.


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